Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

Good Shepherd International School, in its pursuit of a holistic education, envisages inspiring and fostering a community of caring, progressive, lifelong learners to embrace and celebrate all Creation.

Mission Statement & Descriptions

Good Shepherd International School endeavours to prepare each student for academic social and personal success by creating a community of empowered and diverse learners striving to be globally-minded citizens in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and trust.


GSIS is an International School by

  • maintaining a global perspective in an Asian context wherein it is situated
  • embracing a diversity of cultures represented by its staff and students
  • being sensitive and accepting of all cultures
  • upholding a secular perspective within the School community
  • offering national and international curriculums


Academics Success at GSIS is :

  • acquisition of academic skills
  • training to apply knowledge to real-life situations
  • provision of qualified staff to ensure quality education
  • being in a residential set-up that facilitates holistic academic growth and development
  • benchmarked results and learning outcomes on global standards
  • entry into leading colleges / universities in the country and worldwide


Social Success at GSIS is :

  • development of a strong identity and self worth; ability to relate, connect and communicate effectively with others
  • cultural sensitivity and acceptance
  • valuing justice and fairness in social living
  • being service-oriented unconditionally
  • having an acceptable level of decorum


Personal Success at GSIS is :

  • being a lifelong learner equipped with a keen spirit of inquiry
  • developing a value-based and ethical outlook on life
  • imbibing cognitive and behavioral skills to take on the world
  • possessing a sense of equanimity and ability to balance reason and emotion
  • having acceptable standards of deportment
  • having a spiritual-rootedness within a secular context


Community Life at GSIS means :

  • staff and students living in a multi-cultural ambience / context
  • having a sense of being in a ‘family’
  • developing a sense of belonging and togetherness in all we do
  • allowing for personal space within a structured environment
  • experiencing the joy / art of living- joie de vivre


Empowered Learners at GSIS :

  • take responsibility and are accountable for one’s learning
  • value and enjoy the process of learning as much as the outcome
  • share and transmit knowledge
  • develop initiative and leadership skills


Diverse Learners at GSIS :

  • acquire holistic learning and development through a wide variety of academic / extra curricular activities
  • have varied curricular options to choose from, catering to their diverse needs and backgrounds
  • are recognized and accepted for their multiple ability levels and learning styles
  • learn from each other in the diverse community they live, learn and work in


Globally-minded Citizens at GSIS :

  • value the human spirit beyond the constraints of cultural boundaries
  • develop awareness and sensitivity to global issues encompassing all aspects of life
  • understand the impact of one’s thoughts and actions on the world at large
  • think globally and act locally


Mutual Respect at GSIS means :

  • upholding the sanctity of teacher-student roles
  • appreciating and accepting individuality and diversity
  • safeguarding and promoting the values and ethos of the institution
  • preserving and maintaining the environment we live and work in


Understanding and Trust at GSIS means :

  • Truth / Trust / Triumph (our school motto)
  • caring for individual needs even as we live in the community
  • belief in the goodness of the individual and the human race
  • developing empathy and rapport amongst members of the community
  • being active listeners and critical thinkers before being judgemental











  • Mr Regis Caudrillier

    "What an amazing welcome from Dr Thomas and the whole team of GSIS! Everything has been arranged to perfection and everyone has been so flexible. Thanking you for an amazing learning experience. Warm regards."

    -- Mr. Regis Caudrillier, Visiting Team Member, IB Diploma Programme Evaluation 03 March 2017

  • Ms Ruchira Ghosh

    “The experience of attending and speaking at the Investiture and Graduation Ceremony today is quite hard to express in words. The journey of Dr Thomas in bringing this remarkable school to its present milestone speaks volumes of his visionary ambition, unfettering spirit and the impeccable attention to detail. Thank you Dr Thomas and Mrs Thomas for welcoming me warmly to the GSIS family and I wish the school further heights and more accolades!"

    -- Ms. Ruchira Ghosh, Regional Director for South Asia, Cambridge International Examinations

  • Mr Nandan Khale

    "It was great to be here for the last 3 days representing IB for the evaluation visit. A great school with an amazing leader and genuine persons. A case study indeed. Cheers, way to go!"

    -- Mr. Nandan Khale, Visiting Team leader, IB Diploma Programme Evaluation 03 March 2017

  • Sir William Mark Tully

    “It has been a great privilege to be asked to speak to the students of this remarkable school.”

    -- Sir William Mark Tully, Former Bureau Chief of BBC

  • Mr Satnam Jit Singh

    “Sheer delight and privilege to visit an educational institute of such high standard. Can be easily rated as the best in the country and one of the best globally. Thank you, Dr Thomas for this opportunity.” 

    -- Mr. Satnam Jit Singh, IFS (Retd)


  • Mr Madhusudan Ganapathi

    “A very enlightening visit to one of the finest institutions. I have seen many but there is none other than GSIS. The facilities, the faculty and the atmosphere provide an excellent opportunity to provide the best of knowledge and beyond. And the GSMUN is an excellent idea, conducted professionally and proficiently.
    Thank you for inviting us. Thank you Dr P C Thomas and Mrs Elsamma Thomas. Congratulations. All the very best and God bless!”

    -- Mr. Madhusudan Ganapathi, IFS (Retd)